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"Quite frankly, Dr Fratila is the best healer I have met in nearly 70 years as a consumer of scientific medicine. She is highly capable, a strategic and broad thinker, and brilliant in her interactions with patients. I literally trust her with my life." J. Cole

 "Simply a wonderful doctor. She is warm, friendly, caring and really takes time to answer questions completely and thoroughly. I would not hesitate to recommend her highly"

''Dr. Fratila is a kind and caring doctor, very thorough and knowledgeable. I trust her completely, she takes time to answer my questions and is very patient with me. Dr. Fratila is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''

''She is thorough, empathetic, understanding, and always remembers a face. I lucked out with her-she is fantastic! She also allows you to choose your route of treatment..until it starts to directly affect your health in worse ways. Then, she will give you other options.''

''Best physician and consultative professional I have ever met. Inspirational.''

"It is significantly due to your caring, considerate, insightful and responsive guidance that I have felt confident over these years to move forward on each successive step of my journey toward tighter control and overall health.  It seems to me that medicine is a science and an art, and that the job of art is often to challenge prevailing norms. I am very good at challenging prevailing norms, but I am not an endocrinologist. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with one who knows how to fluidly move between these aspects, sometimes challenging norms and other times not, and always displaying grace and respect.  I don’t anticipate finding that combination in another endocrinologist any time soon!
Thank you for being my endocrinologist, Doctor Fratila!  It has been a joy to meet you and work with you, and I will forever be grateful for your expert care."

"I just wanted to thank you for listening to me when I mentioned that I couldn’t lose weight.  You are the first doctor that didn’t ignore my concern, and you most likely saved me from becoming diabetic.  Doing the A1C test really was the key, and was also a warning to me.  I don’t need another illness or more medication.  The test results along with your diet recommendations have made a difference.  I have already lost 9 pounds and am still watching carbs and sugar,  Although I miss my morning bagels, I have been able to do something I haven’t been able to do for years....lose weight.


I guess five years ago when I had sepsis and first met you, I didn’t realize that the illness would have a positive factor to it.  Well it did! My husband recognized your concern and just felt that I would be better off being under your care than I was under my previous endocrinologist.  He is very perceptive...and was right.   You may see him in your practice soon since he is concerned about diabetes as well. " Barbara D.


"Dr. Fratila- I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the care you've given my wife and I over the last 10+ years. For me in particular, when I saw you for the first time, I was suffering from serious muscular pain and fatigue, to the point that I was looking into disability leave from work. My GP thought I needed physical therapy, then sent me to a rheumatologist when physical therapy didn't help. When the rheumatologist couldn't find anything, he said I had fibromyalgia, a diagnosis I didn't agree with. You had a whole battery of tests run on me, and then, unlike the other doctors, you didn't simply state that I was fine because my test results fell into an acceptable range. You actually listened on my complaints, looked at the test results, and made a diagnosis based on my symptoms and the lab results that were, while acceptable, on the very low end of acceptable. You put me on Synthroid and testosterone, and within days, there was a huge improvement in my symptoms. I cannot overstate how much you changed the course of my life through your thoughtful care. I very well may have been on disability had you not taken the time to listen to my complaints and looked for possible causes, as opposed to simply looking at the pass/fail on tests. I've never had a doctor that truly listened to me as well as you have, and I will forever be indebted to you. With much thanks, Jamie A. "

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