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"Very current on medical practices. Relates well to patients on an individual and personalized basis.  Takes time with patients and makes referrals when needed."

"I just wanted to thank you for listening to me when I mentioned that I couldn’t lose weight.  You are the first doctor that didn’t ignore my concern, and you most likely saved me from becoming diabetic.  Doing the A1C test really was the key, and was also a warning to me.  I don’t need another illness or more medication.  The test results along with your diet recommendations have made a difference.  I have already lost 9 pounds and am still watching carbs and sugar,  Although I miss my morning bagels, I have been able to do something I haven’t been able to do for years....lose weight.

I guess five years ago when I had sepsis and first met you, I didn’t realize that the illness would have a positive factor to it.  Well it did! My husband recognized your concern and just felt that I would be better off being under your care than I was under my previous endocrinologist.  He is very perceptive...and was right.   You may see him in your practice soon since he is concerned about diabetes as well."

''She is thorough, empathetic, understanding, and always remembers a face. I lucked out with her-she is fantastic! She also allows you to choose your route of treatment..until it starts to directly affect your health in worse ways. Then, she will give you other options.''

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