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One Time Actions that Lead to Better Long Term Habits

(adapted from the book Atomic Habits, by James Clear)

Even if you did half of the actions on your list, and you didn’t give your habits another thought, you will find yourself living a better life a year from now.


buy a water filter to clean your drinking water

use smaller plates to reduce caloric intake


buy a good mattres

get blackout curtains

remove TV from bedroom


unsubscribe from emails

turn off notifications and mute group chats

set your phone to silent

use filters to clean up your inbox

delete games and social media apps from your phone


get a dog

move to a friendly, social neighbourhood


get vaccinated

buy sensible shoes to avoid back pain

buy a supportive chair or a standing desk


enroll in an automatic savings plan

set up automatic bill pay

cut cable service

What are some tiny habits that you have implemented in your life that made a big difference?

For me personally:

1. doing 20 push-ups while I wait for my coconut milk to get warm for my morning drink and

2. cleaning the toilet while I wait for the shower water to get warm

have been two tiny changes I have made recently that not only made me very happy, but made me fitter and eliminated the dread of cleaning the toilet!

Please share!

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