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Practice policies and rates

Please familiarize yourself with my office policies: 


Patients who provide less than 48 hours notice for missed appointments will be charged the full fee for the missed appointment, which is not covered by insurance. 

Of course, there will be no charge in case of an emergency. 


There will be no prescription refills between appointments. The doctor will fill your prescription for the length of time you need before checking in about the efficacy of the medication. Thus, medication refills are done at the time of the appointment only. This includes pharmacy refill requests. The patient must make sure to keep abreast of how many refills they have been provided at the end of each appointment and plan visits accordingly. 


Lab results are not reviewed between appointments. All lab results will be reviewed in detail during your appointment. Interpretation of lab results will not be done by phone or email. Should labs need to be reviewed urgently, an appointment will be set up within 48 hours. 


 I will make every effort to send patients to in-network labs. Please note, though, that ultimately the patient is responsible for assuring that their insurance will pay for labs at the testing center at which their labs are drawn. There is no on-site lab draw available at this time. 

Should the patient choose a lab where Ideal Endocrinology, LLC does not have an account, please make sure the lab results are sent directly to Corina Fratila, M.D.


Phone consultations are available for established patients upon request and are billed at the standard rates.  CPT codes do not apply to phone calls and therefore are not eligible for insurance reimbursements.


Email communication is reserved for administrative purposes only, such as: confirming appointments, receiving lab work, sending requested information, and clarification of protocol and recommendations. Emails will  not be used for consultations. Health symptoms and concerns may only be emailed to be placed in your chart for an upcoming scheduled consultation. 


Full payment is due at the time of service by cash, check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc) or debit card.

Dr Fratila is "out-of-network" with insurance companies and Medicare. Checks are preferred, as well as Venmo or PayPal, as there is a fee associated with credit card processing. 


Patients are encouraged to submit an itemized bill (that the office will provide) to their insurance company for reimbursement. 

Please be aware that Medicare does not allow for applications/submissions of itemized bills for reimbursement, according to federal law. Patients should contact their individual insurance companies prior to their visit for any questions about reimbursement.


It is important that the patient understands that insurance benefits are a matter between them and their insurance company. Dr. Fratila is not responsible for billing the patient's insurance company directly. In addition, Dr Fratila is not responsible for submitting documentation to the health insurance company for prescription medications, laboratory services, or other medical services.  If the insurance company requires prior authorizations or other forms to be completed, Dr. Fratila can submit these for you, there will be a fee associated with this, depending on the amount of time necessary.


The recommended follow up appointment date is an estimate based on the assessment at your last appointment and the expectation that the patient is doing well. If the condition changes or does not improve, if there are new lab results, if there needs to be a change to your protocol, or if there is a new health concern including acute illness, the patient should call to move up the follow-up appointment or schedule an additional appointment prior to the  regularly scheduled appointment.

Please note: there is a $50 charge for appointments that are repeatedly cancelled and rescheduled. In case of multiple cancellations and/or rescheduling, full payment may be required up front, prior to scheduling another session. 


Currently, the office does not participate with any any insurance plans. Dr. Fratila is considered "out-of network". The rates for standard visits are below. 


Initial comprehensive intake visit for new patients for all conditions: $677

An initial visit will be followed by another visit, 2-3 weeks later to discuss the results of the bloodwork ordered during the initial visit and to start the treatment plan. 


Depending on the complexity and length of the follow up visit,  follow up visit fees will start at $677 per hour: (these are just general guidelines, please keep in mind that each case is different, and the complexity of the case can only be assessed at the time of the visit, on an individual basis)

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