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An Invitation to Play


A message to the one who is trying to find her direction: Dear One, You can be done. Do you want to keep going, to keep trying, to keep chasing tiny fragments of self-ideas and fleeting glimpses of a more beautiful world? Know this: There is a universe already whole and waiting right here for you now. Those fragments are bits of sand from the castle you built when you needed the shelter of this town. Because of this shelter we made it here alive in this moment now. Thank you. Now, I beseech you: Be not afraid of what life will become without your trying. Your castle by the sea has stood its day. The tide is now coming in and clearing away, grain by grain, the evidence of your love’s labor. With each wave of real presence your fine and fragile mansion of meaning is starting to look more and more like the original shoreline of wonder — the new and ancient ground upon which we all walk between the waters of the unmanifest and the world of what is made. Still, there is something of your making that cannot be washed away by these waters. You thought you were building a castle. You thought you were just trying to get along and belong. But what you were really doing was making a magnificently musical instrument of perception and creation. The falling of your castle walls is Life’s invitation for you to join the One World Orchestra, the living breathing Band of Light, and play your part in evolution’s unscripted song. We have no conductor Here, no guru or God to follow. We feel and hear with our nature-bodies the rhythms, melodies, and keys of the One Jazz playing. At the same time we play our notes and listen with precision to how they sound in the mix. Listen. Life is calling you to join in Beauty’s collaboration. It is time to place your instrument with reverence and care at the feet of your own holy Presence. Now, be that Presence, pick yourself up, and play.

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