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Would You Let Yourself Dream Today?

It is hard to let yourself dream. You’ve heard all these stories of healing, they seem almost miraculous. People with the same medical condition as yours, difficult to live with, and occasionally, with much more severe presentations compared to yours. And despite that, healing is obviously possible.

But you won’t let yourself dream. You won’t let yourself imagine how life would be like if you were healed. You have grown used to your limitations, just like a caged animal is used to their cage. There’s a whole world of wonder and possibility out there, but it is scary, and the cage is a somehow comfortable place.

Yes, it will take effort. But not quite as much as you think. It is truly, just the beginning that takes the most effort: just the way a rocket ship takes most energy to take off, and once it’s outside the Earth’s gravitational space, it barely takes any.

It is that first step, that step into the unknown that scares you the most. The step that says that once you start believing that healing is possible, you become the creator. Reluctantly, begrudgingly, you already are the creator of your life- but how about embracing your creative power in all its’ brilliance and possibility? What’s the worst thing that could happen once you’ve allowed yourself to dream and imagine all the things you could be doing and creating?

What’s the worst thing that could happen once you’ve allowed yourself to imagine yourself healthy and free?

I know it is scary. It is a jump in the unknown and there are no guarantees. But what’s the alternative?

Just like my mentor told me before I quit my secure job and I took the leap into the unknown to become a business owner and an entrepreneur: “You don’t know how many breaths you have left on this planet- is this how you want to live the rest of your life?”.

I beg you: take a risk, start dreaming. Start exploring yourself, let yourself love what you love and eliminate what you don’t. Love yourself enough to really, truly, deeply know yourself.

Even if you fail, the journey and all the lessons learned along the way will be worth the effort.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. (Chinese proverb). Start NOW.

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